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Terms & Conditions

  1. Green Access Programme is offered by Greenply Industries Limited, for Architects & Interior Designers across India.
  2. There is a one-time process for enrollment to the Green Access Programme which is mandatory. Programme members are free to join anytime they wish to.
  3. The programme has been designed keeping Architects/ Interior Designers in mind. The company understands that it is imperative to reward & recognize the Partner for the efforts made to promote Greenply products and maintain a sizeable market-share.
  4. The enrolling Architect has to ensure that they furnish information in its true form.
  5. Greenply Industries Limited reserves the right to change, modify, alter or close the 'Green Access' programme at any point of time, without giving any reason and intimation for the same.
  6. Redemption of gifts can be done only from the Rewards Catalogue.
  7. Lead and specification stage points can be redeemed only after sales conversion of 10 Lacs or more at any point of time.
  8. Greenply Industries Limited or its agency is not responsible for delays in courier/ post for the claims/ documentation to be received as part of the programme.
  9. The reward merchandise would be available for redemptions against points accrued by the Architect/ Interior Designer.
  10. For cash redemption, a cash card from ICICI Bank shall be provided, subject to satisfactory completion of KYC form.
  11. All rewards points when converted to cash (in case of cash redemption or otherwise) shall attract 5% TDS ,subject to availability of PAN Card & KYC Details of the member.
  12. In case PAN Card details are not provided, the TDS deduction shall be 20%.
  13. Relevant TDS certificate shall be provided to the member as per statutory cycle for taxation and prevailing norms.
  14. Under no circumstances are the points transferable between companies and individuals.
  15. The merchandise available on redemption would carry its routine manufacturer warranty unless mentioned otherwise thereof. For all requests for maintenance/ warranty/ replacement issues, the Architect has to directly contact the manufacturer/ authorized agent/ distributor.
  16. All products featured in the reward catalogue are subject to availability of the goods and supplier warranties/ restrictions, at the time of redemption. Greenply gives no warranty whatsoever with respect to the products/ services offered in the rewards programme.
  17. Greenply reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute any reward at any time without any prior notice.
  18. Greenply or its representing agency will not be responsible for products or vouchers stolen, damaged or lost in transit and no other query would be entertained later related to dissatisfaction of gift once it is received.
  19. Product received in damaged condition should be reported within 48 hours. Greenply or its agency will not be responsible for the same later on.
  20. Please check the availability of stores of any gift voucher before placing the order, Greenply or working agency will not be responsible for the same later on.
  21. Redemption request once given to the agency or Greenply cannot be cancelled, withdrawn or changed. On redemption, the reward points would automatically be subtracted from the accumulated balance.
  22. Goods will reach the partner within 4-6 weeks of receipt of the order, subject to availability of funds. 22. The period of the Green Access programme will be 1 year.
  23. If any reward merchandise model is obsolete or has come to an “end of life” stage, then the Programme Center will inform the respective Branch Manager and will also recommend an alternate model of the same brand on the website.
  24. In case of unavailability of a product/ service, model or logistical constraints in delivery of a product to certain locations, the Partner may be advised to avail vouchers as per the Reward Catalogue in lieu of the said product/ service.
  25. Greenply Industries Limited may use the details of the stakeholders for referral purpose, which will also be beneficial for the stakeholders, (like contact numbers, email ids etc., as provided at the time of registration) for their promotional purpose, without giving any reason and intimation for the same.