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About Green Access

Green Access is an initiative mentored by the top management at Greenply and intends to act as an absolute credible platform for the league of design professionals like Architects and Interior Designer, who have reached the pinnacle and are a firm foundation of our business strength.

Also, Green Access would be your passport to an exclusive relationship with Greenply. You would be entitled to a host of rewards, resources, products features and other privileges. These include several opportunities to win rewards, consistent communications & new information from the Greenply universe, thus keeping you abreast and informed at all times.

The programme will also strive to act as a closed-group community and would converge for specialized occasions - taking up the community objective and promote the cause of path-breaking initiatives in the field of interior design. Green Access will be an ideal platform to showcase your creative outputs & exchange, share & assimilate vital information on the latest happenings in the interior- fashion industry, apart from a host of other personalized offerings. We shall further strive to treat you as an exclusive individual amongst the selected few and a leader in every sense of our relationship and social spirit.